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Staff Handbook

This handbook is intended to provide important information relating to your employment with Condon School District 25J. Employees should review the entire handbook and become familiar with its contents. Additional information regarding school operations is included in our board policies and administrative regulations, available at the district office.

If you have any questions about information in this handbook or other employment-related questions, please contact the district office at 541-384-2441. Ideas and suggestions for improving our organization are always welcome and encouraged.

The Condon School District in partnership with parents and the community is committed to providing each student with a quality education, preparing them to become productive members of society, and instilling in them a desire to become life-long learners.

Thank you for your dedication to the children of Condon School District 25J!

Disclaimer Statement

This handbook has been provided as a method of communicating general district information, rules and regulations.  It is not intended to either enlarge or diminish any board policy, administrative regulation or collective bargaining agreement. Material contained within may therefore be superseded by such board policy, administrative regulation, collective bargaining agreement or changes in state or federal law.  Any information contained in this staff handbook is subject to unilateral revision or elimination from time to time without notice.  To obtain additional information, or clarification, you are encouraged to talk with your building principal or appropriate District Office personnel.  No information in this document shall be viewed as an offer, expressed or implied or as a guarantee of any employment of any duration. 

Topic Description Board Policy Procedure (AR)
Mandatory Reporting Click here for information on mandatory reporting JHFE JHFE-AR(1), JHFE-AR(2)
Equal Employment Opportunity Click here for information on Equal Employment GBA  
Building Hours Click here to see building hours    
Absences Click here to learn about staff absences GCBDD/GDBDD  
Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/ Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA)   GCBDA/GDBDA GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(1-7)
Complaints Click here for information on complaints KLD  
Staff Complaints Click here for information for staff making a complaint GBM  
Acceptable Use of Technology Click here for information on use of technology GCAB  
District Phone Use/ Personal Cell Phone Use Click here for information on phone use    
Professionalism/ Staff Conduct Click here for information on staff conduct GBC, GBCA, GBH/JECAC GBC-AR
Evaluation   GCN/GDN, GDN  
Confidential Information Click here to learn about confidential information    
Payroll Click here for payroll information    
Funds Spent/ Raised Click here for information on fund raising IGDF IGDF-AR
Layoff/ Reduction in Force Click here for information on RIF    
Accident Reports Click here for information on the accident report process    
Care and Use of District Property Click here for information on District property use    
Closure for Weather/ Emergency Click here for information on weather closures    
Reimbursement Click here to learn the reimbursement process    
Communicable Disease Click here for access to the pandemic annex    
Classroom Supply Money Click here for information on spending supply money